The Ajax Bomb Girls At Work

The video below is exclusive footage of Defence Industries Limited, provided by YouTube as well as the official Town of Ajax website ( The video explains how Ajax ultimately became the ideal spot for DIL to operate, and an overview of the experience of its workers, who were predominately women. As you watch this video, consider anything that catches your eye – anything from the nostalgic affects of the video, to questioning its overall purpose.

Most of all, I have been predominately interested in the efforts of the Bomb Girls community, from the war effort to today’s commemorative efforts. One of their most recent projects has been a two-year fundraising campaign to construct a monument. This exclusive footage is an excellent starting point to start asking questions about the social, cultural and political implications of Ajax history and public memory.

You can also learn all about their campaign and their donors (and even donate if you wish!) right here: Honour Ajax Bomb Girls

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