New day, new name

What used to be a collection of school assignments, refashioned into a personal travel blog. After kicking this off over a year ago, jotting down and scrapping ideas, I finally have a blog name!

Introducing my new name: Finding Sonder

“Sonder” – The realization that each passerby, place or thing has a complex and vivid life of its own. Whether it’s grand or ephemeral, a story lies beneath waiting to be told. Sonder perfectly describes the curiosity of learning unique backgrounds about people or places or finding new experiences.

It was difficult to encompass my blog’s core principles into something creative, yet short and concise. While this is essentially a travel blog, I also write about short travels in my own city. It’s a home blog too. Being a history major, I’m enthralled by uncovering new narratives about both home and far away. I believe that sonder and travel go perfectly together.

Although the name may still change in the future, I feel it suits for now. New and exciting posts are to come down the road!

One thought on “New day, new name

  1. I am looking forward to reading about what you seek that peaks your interest … that resonates within you to create a collection of sonders.

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