Fall Foliage: Scandinavia

As mentioned in my September 5 post, for the next month or so I’m kicking up my amateur photography skills a notch. Admittedly, I’ve been strapped for time this week to write due to a shift change at work. I have just about enough time to share some fall features of Scandinavia.

My favourite time of year approaches as the autumn colours materialize.  Although Ontario, where I’m currently based, offers a myriad of spectacular autumn adventures, I was particularly mesmerized by Scandinavia’s vivid landscapes. However, I also anticipate sharing similar content of places close to home.

With some editing, I accentuated hues of yellow, green and orange – the most striking colours in my pictures. I’m ashamed to admit that my photo editing skills and resources are severely lacking. Thus the following images were taken on an Android and edited on my laptop’s photo app (I currently use a Dell computer).

I hope that someday my blog posts will consist of high-quality photos embellished by the likes of Photoshop.

At the moment, here is my best shot – a photo timeline of my 2017 trip to Scandinavia.

20171011_125418 (2)
Copenhagen: Subdued shot of Nyhavn, the city’s most popular spot with brightly painted 17th century townhouses
20171011_135015 (2)
Copenhagen: The gardens outside the Royal Palace
20171013_082015 (2)
Copenhagen: Public gardens outside of Rosenborg Castle
20171014_135909 (2)
Sweden: The city of Stockholm from a lookout point in Södermalm during a bike tour
20171014_142912 (2)
Sweden: A beautiful park in Södermalm where we stopped on our bike tour
20171015_101917 (2)
Sweden: This was taken outside Jarlabanke – a site consisting of 20 or more Old Norse runestones)
20171015_111555 (2)
Sweden: The countryside, taken during a Viking history tour. Red houses such as these are scattered everywhere throughout Sweden.
20171015_121210 (2)
Sweden: Exploring rune stones in Granby
20171015_140210 (2)
Sweden: A peaceful graveyard amidst the ruins of St. Olof Church
Sweden: The medieval town of Visby on the island of Gotland (already seen in a previous blog post!)
20171020_112718 (2)
Oslo, Norway: Rapids of Akerselva near a food hall in the trendy district of Grünerløkka
20171020_132212 (2)
Oslo, Norway: The Royal Palace gardens
20171021_125625 (2)
Oslo, Norway: From a hilltop at the open-air Folk Museum
20171021_130659 (2)
Oslo, Norway: An ominous shot of Gol Stave Church
20171022_123553 (2)
Norway: Surprise! Snow in October! Taken in some unmarked location up high between Oslo and Bergen
20171022_143644 (2)
Norway: Approaching Bergen
20171023_152251 (2)
Bergen, Norway: Not sure who lives here – a very isolated village nestled in the fjords during a cruise
Bergen, Norway: A photo I edited for fun a long time ago and decided to share it
20171023_171224 (2)
Bergen, Norway: This is one of my favourite pictures. A snapshot from the water of Bryggen with the same vibrant colours as the mountainside
20171023_171547 (2)
Bergen,  Norway: The spectacular colours enveloping the city
20171024_111107 (2)
Bergen, Norway: Exploring the side of a mountain on my very last day


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