Seasons of Philosopher’s Walk: Autumn

Most of us see autumn as a time of change – at least I do. From the slow shedding away of old things and welcoming new challenges ahead like the impending cold and darkness of winter. The first step towards regeneration.

Although we generally liken spring to life and rebirth, here in Philosopher’s Walk, everything comes alive. Swathes of colours manifest into a perfect Impressionist painting, conveniently located within Toronto’s nucleus of high culture and education. Students populate the spots of shades underneath the trees, seeking a reprieve from the stuffy confines of their desks. Some gather at the amphitheater, using the space to create unity in performance and nature. Often, they share spaces with young children playing tag on their lunch breaks during their museum class trip.

The season of autumn in this old ravine is predominately a sensory experience.

Here are some more snapshots I took of Philosopher’s Walk during autumn as I near the end of my seasonal exposé:

Hues of red and even a splash of pink. Captured from the south end.
Directly at a crossroads: The Royal Ontario Museum sits to the left and the University of Toronto to the right
A closeup of the colour change compared to a similar shot from my summer post
Captured from the north end. Notice a curious golden ‘strip’ on the tree behind the streetlamp
Spooky shot in front of the museum, where one tree has nearly shed its leaves already



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