Seasons of Philosopher’s Walk: Winter

Here is the last of my seasonal photo series of Philosopher’s Walk.

We’ve had a late start to winter for this year with mild temperatures from Christmas onward. Last Saturday, a fresh 15 cm dumping of snow blanketed the city. And it appears to be making a stay – at least long enough for me to find the best day for snapshots.

Winters here always drag on longer than we desire. At least here in Philosopher’s Walk, the magic and wonderment permeates like thick snow over the ravine. The old buildings – especially the Museum or the School of Music – contrast dramatically with its white surroundings, exposing its coloured bricks and facades. Even in the coldest of days, the studious sentiments never dissipate.

And spring will arise before we know it, approaching faster for students than anyone else. I’ll always recall this place as like a “theatre”, depicting all seasons to their fullest.

Entering from the east
Facing north and the Royal Ontario Museum’s western wall
It was busier than it may appear
Some lingering leaves
Close up of the museum’s grand windows
CN Tower poking out
More frigid foliage


3 thoughts on “Seasons of Philosopher’s Walk: Winter

      1. Dear Kelsea, it depends where you are going… In general springs are quite fine in Lisbon because it starts to get warmer (23~28*) and the days bigger 🙂 feel free to ask me anything… and check my blog I have some postuguese cities featured there 🙂 PedroL


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