Minor Post Hiatus!

Finding Sonder posts will be going on a brief holiday. Not an actual holiday (I wish!). My life for the next month or so will be too insanely busy. Unfortunately I just may not be able to squeeze in even a sliver of time for the smallest post. Full-time work can do that to you, I suppose.

The good news is, I’m not pausing my travel writing – in fact, I’ll be writing more than ever come springtime. From my writing course, I’ve been learning some valuable tidbits on methodologies focused particularly on the creative travel genre. Especially that Golden Rule – show, don’t tell! I’m excited to share what I’ve composed and observe how my writing has changed compared to previous years.

Once my busy period is up, I’ll be back to share some more meaningful stories. Before I know it, it’ll be one week in Portugal – and then you’ll be hearing from me all the time!

In the meantime, please check out my Instagram. I will also still be posting on there – even if they’re just Iceland flashbacks. You can never get tired from Iceland photos.

Thanks for reading, and brb!


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