A Day as a Local Torontonian: A Photo Story

It’s definitely been ages since I posted here. A combination of lockdown brain fog and life changes made me push things to the back burner. But now, I’m happy to finally share something! Thanks to my Humber College Media Communications program, I’ll be developing my professional photography, writing, and design skills. I’d like to show my very first photo assignment that I finished this week called A Day as a Local.

Because I’m a story teller through this blog, this is a new way of telling a story. Called digital storytelling, it presents a particular narrative through digital images only. So, here is my digital story of post-COVID life in Toronto as a local, from morning to night. You’ll likely recognize some things (the garden car for instance) and others are unique in my own neighbourhood.

Many photoshoots didn’t actually go quite as planned to make this assignment. For instance, I tried taking shots inside of Folly Brewpub and their taps, but I struggled with their low lighting. The same goes for a cafe, when I tried to capture the inside. However, I had to adjust and try something else in better lighting conditions. While it doesn’t show as many businesses as I hoped, this story evolved into a feel-good project depicting scenes of adventure, uniqueness, curiosity and relaxation. And despite the noisy traffic of the city, relaxation can still be achieved!

Here are the photos in the slideshow below!

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